Getting started – the beginnings of my new adventure – blogging about my passion – poker.

King of hearts.
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During the last twenty-five years or so I was involved in high tech – either as a programmer or systems administrator. Those days have ended and I am more or less free to pursue my interests and passions for poker – particularly Texas Holdem in its many forms.

Before I get too far, many thanks to Chris Brogan for helping me to set up and get going with this project. Even though I have been envolved in high tech does not mean that I understand blogging or marketing or social media. Enough of that – suffice to say “Chris Rocks…!”.   (yes, if you have checked further, Chris is the oldest of my two sons; the youngest is Thom. Both are great.)

My goals and objectives for my poker playing is to become more professional and profitable.

My goals for the blog are to share the successes, the ideas, the events, and yes even the failures that such a career encounters.  I will share what lessons I learn and what knowledge I  gain.  There are even going to be off topic posts as life is full of surprises … like a box of chocolates “you never know what you are going to get!”.

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