Why I play poker

I play poker to make money.

I play poker to have fun.

I play poker for the challenge. (Sometimes this will cost me money, but the challenge to be the best at the tournament is pretty heady).

As I start this year as a professional poker player, my intentions and goals are to increase my bankroll and to have as much fun while doing it as possible. I know that there are going to be ups and downs and that I have a lot to learn and to experience.

So far, most of my opponents have been real people hidden by avatars. My avator on BodgoWhen I progress to face to face table play a new dimension of the game will open up. I will be able to see my opponents expressions and they will see mine. Will my facial expressions or my posture give my hands away?

This is quite exciting to think about as this phase of the game is important to learn and control. I can hardly wait to get to the tables and try my online skills at the felt (the physical card table). I could be in for a shock. Without a doubt, I will learn something from this endeavor.

For me it is exciting to think about how I will play out my hands or even fold them. How will I bluff my opponents? How will I trick them into giving me all their money?  There is a lot more to playing than just having good cards and I hope to put that knowledge to use.

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5 thoughts on “Why I play poker

  1. For the love and the money! I'm usually playing for one or the other, rarely both. But when it is both, I make a fortune!Welcome to the poker blogging world.

  2. well, I play primarily for enjoyment, with the competition aspect being key, which may be the reason – or at least a reason – why I tend to prefer tournaments over ring games. It's nice to win a few bucks as well, but that's more of a bonus than a true motivating factor, at least most of the time.

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