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It was time for me to hit the felts again – if only online and try a couple of tourneys. I lost the last three I tried. Probably I was a little too tired to play or I just didn’t have my head in the game the last time.

It seems that I might have my head a little out of this one as well. I had AK that cost me half my stack. I add a KK pre-flop but did not raise high enough to chase out someone with AQ unsuited They ended up with three queens. I finished in 25th out of 45 players in that one. My final one for the evening was another 45 player game. In that one, I tried to put all I have learned to bear. Trying to play tight aggressive but also unpredictable as well. This is a turbo game, meaning that the blinds increase every five minutes. What that means is that if you don’t start getting some chips, you are going be out sooner than you think. Of course, just playing every hand will also cause you some problems as well. At least in the second tourney, I was in 26th place after 13 minutes. So I still have a chance. My chips are down by almost one third and I will be out in about 10 rounds or less. Now I have AQ unsuited and it will probably get me out of the tourney. And it did, one person had AA, one AJ and my AQ did not hold up and I finished in 27th place. So much for being careful.

One last try before bedtime.  Yet another SNG (sit and go) tourney with 45 people and blinds increasing every 5 minutes. This time, I had a nut flush drawing hand and bet too much to stay in it. I think I am in 36th place at the moment but it is hard to tell when you are that low. If I double up at least 6 times I might be ok. (Doubling up means each time you play a hand to completion you double the amount of money you started with). Right now I have 145 in chips and 12 double ups would give me about 9,280 in chips. But, sadly, it is not happening. The antes are now up to 100 and I am down to 95. I have about 5 minutes left to get really lucky. My skills have failed me tonight … I finished my third and final game at 29th place. And so it goes…

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