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Whenever I play online Sit and Go tourneys my mind sometimes wanders as I wait for the play to get around to me. And that is a big mistake (even now, I am writing this while I am playing a SNG). When you do not pay attention, you could be losing some good opportunities to increase your stack or at the worst keep yourself from losing too much of your own stack.

Why I mention this is because in a recent game, I noticed that two players were sitting out. They were next to each other. That meant that every time the Big Blind and the Small Blind got to them, their hands were automatically folded if anyone raised them. I missed this the first time around and nobody else even tried to steal their blinds.  I stole about five of their blinds before they figured out what was happening and got back into the game. (They were sitting out, coasting as it were, hoping to make the final table without having to play a hand. Sometimes this works, most of the time it is a bad idea, but…).

The other thing that that can happen when you don’t pay attention is that you can call a raise when you just meant to limp in. I have done this a couple of times and it can change the entire outcome of the game, especially if the person before you went all in and you lost most or all of your stack on the outcome because you clicked the call button without knowing what amount you were calling.

As they say, be careful out there.

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