Discipline at the poker table

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My previous post about my limt play at the Seabrook Poker Room got me to thinking about this topic. While thinking about it, I decided to play some simple tourneys that a twitter poker buddy. Deanna “Panndyra” Goodson, told me about. It is a single table tourney called “Double or Nothing”.  The entry amount can be from $1 plus a fee and up. As the name impiles, you can double your money or lose it. The simplicity of the game is that it is a ten person table with increasing blinds and antes. And the best part is that 5 out of the ten players will be winners and the other five will be losers.

Here is where the discipline comes in.  If you play tight and careful, you should be able to double your money. If you are not patient or careful you will lose your money.

In order to win, you need to keep your ego in check. The first three games I tried, I did not keep my ego in check and I lost. The next two games, I played only the best cards AA, KK, AK and pushed them. If they pushed me back, I would fold. If I got a good flop and had the best possible hand I would push back and go all in. I won games three and four and I am currently in game six at this time. Of course, if I win the sixth, then I would be even. (Update: It is awful hard to be disciplined. I am going to have to work on this part of my game. During game six I caught a so so hand and then I called a small raise and had to fold after the flop. Prior to calling, I was in fourth place and after folding I was in sixth place. Not being patient – costly).

Whew. As it turned out, I was in sixth place and in the big blind with very few chips left. The small blind called, but then we both checked after the flop, after the turn, and after the river. I ended up winning that pot. The next hand dealt, three of the other players went all in (at least one of them should not have, they were not being patient either and so that allowed me to win game six).

In the “Double or Nothing” tourney, fifth place pays just as much as first place, so you should not let your ego cause you to try to be king of the hill, less you fall down the crevice.

And now that I am even, I am going to play at least seven more of these tourneys to see if I can double up ten times in a row. As it stands now, I have won three and lost three. I will report back to you on how I do in the next seven games.

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