Preliminary Review – PokerTracker3

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I have downloaded and installed a 60 day free trial version of Poker Tracker 3 software. At first glance, this appears to offer me the ability to have my “cake” and eat it too.

This program is advertised as being able to do many things for the fledgling pro poker player including some of the following:

Basic booking:
Keeping track of sessions played, number of hands, wins, losses, rake taken from pot, and more for each session.

Card play:
Track your starting hands, ending hands
Track your wins and losses based on position, value of cards held, highest single win, highest single loss

“HUD” or Heads Up Display of your opponents and your own playing tendencies

And much, much more…

I have barely touched the surface of what it can do.

The best part about the program, if used properly, it can help you find the holes in your playing. You can apply that knowledge to correct these deficiencies. (Of course, you must be open to the fact that you have them).

While the data that is collected is not surprising; it did show that I perhaps have played too many hands of poor value and also out of position. PokerTracker3 showed me that I lost the most when I only had one pair or just the high card, which shows that I did not know when to fold them.

Positionally, I tended to lose the most when I was in the big blind, the small blind and “UTG” or under the gun, the first to act after the cards were dealt. I was an overall winner in all the remaining positions. But the losses as the Big Blind, the Small Blind, and the UTP player were costly enough to practically eat away at all the gains I made at all the other positions.

Record keeping alone is a good enough reason to consider  purchasing PokerTracker3. The I R S can be very picky. Just being given the ability to review my card play, session results, and hand analysis is an added plus that could make my game more enjoyable and profitable at the same time.

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3 thoughts on “Preliminary Review – PokerTracker3

  1. All I ever hear about on my poker forum of choice is about Poker Tracker! I have my own system set up, so I've never tried it. I'm glad someone is reviewing it though! I may link to this in the future.

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