PokerStars 25th Billion Hand Countdown

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It was a long and sleepless night as I played at PokerStars the last two days. I watched bonuses being handed out to players at tables in which the hand number being dealt to them ended in 000,000.  Every  even million numbered hand was given a special  bonus ranging from $350 to $3000 for the player with the winning hand and a smaller bonus ranging from $250 to $750 for the rest of the losing players at that table.

It was unbelievable just how excited everybody was. At the tables that received the bonuses, they sometimes went a little wild. Everyone at the No Limit table would go all-in regardless of what their cards were, knowing that they would at least share in the smaller prizes and that the winner would take all the money in the pot and the big prize.  Some higher stake table players actually lost more than they got in bonuses because they were not thinking or they were hoping to just suck out and win everything in the pot.

The final hand for the grand prize, the 25 billionth hand, took place around 5:00 am Eastern Time and the game being played was Omaha High/Low No Limit.  The two players having the winning hand each got $50,000 and a tournament package. Three of the remaining three split $100,000 three ways or $33,333 each – one got nothing, not sure why though.

I wonder what the next promotion there will be?

Did any of you get caught up in the excitement? There were extremely long waiting lists at each of the tables in most all of the games. Even empty tables filled up so fast you could not get seated. I tried at least 5 times at empty tables to get a seat and they were gone before I could click on the seat. It was a feeding frenzy during the last hour before the major prizes were awarded. Unbeleivable!

Did you lose $$$ in the process?  I lost $9 overall – during the last two nights. I had been up in money but let my guard down in a triple draw game. I had a 12348 but my opponent kept raising and I kept calling – I should have known that meant that he had the nuts – 23457 and won the hand and I lost about $8 in that hand. Live and learn as they say. Hopefully I did learn from all this.

Nine dollars was a very low price to pay for all of the excitement I shared in during the last two days.  Just watching the news feed screen showing how many hands would be dealt before the next payout was exciting.  With more than 150,000 people playing, the stats changed quickly.  Interestingly, a 1 cent 2 cent table was one of the winners proving that everyone had a chance.  The stakes and type of cash games played did not influence the winning table except that the “head up” tables were closed because they were getting too many wins. The reason for this is that they play many hands quickly and could more easily catch a “bonus” numbered hand.

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