Shortest Omaha High/Low Tournament

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Last Monday night I participating in one of the shortest tourneys I have ever played in, at least the shortest that I remember. It was a Railbirds private tourney. And I do enjoy the challenge that playing Omaha High/Low brings.

I caught an interesting set of high cards, all suited in Clubs. They were A Q J 10. Generally this is not a good holding but not the worse either. It would depend on the flop as to how good this hand could be. This is the type of hand you want to limp in with in case the flop does not help. And limp in I tried.  The blinds were 15 and 30, so I put in 30 chips. There was one raise to 60 so I called the additional 30 chips. Including my self, there were four players in the pot totaling 250.

The flop came down a rainbow, one each of the four suits. A 10 9. This gave me top pair with a straight draw.  One opponet bet out 255,  one folded and one other player and I called the 255.  Now there was $1,015 in the pot.

The turn card was a King of hearts. This gave me the straight. The board had no pairs showing so I was not up against a full house. The only possibility was that my opponent was on a flush draw.  I lead out with a pot size bet of 1,020 chips. One player folded and the remaining one went all in.

My opponent held the following hand:   5s 3d Kc Ks given him three of a kind, kings to my full house. The river card was a nine, one of three remaining nines in the deck making my opponent a full house, beating my straight and booting me out of the tournament in 207th place. To be honest, my opponent had a lot of chances to make his full house. All he needed on the river was any Ace, King, Ten or Nine to make a full house or better, giving him 10 outs at the river.

It is a given in Omaha Poker that almost all high hands usually are full houses. It is extremely rare that top pair or even just three of a kind will win a pot for the high hand, let alone just a pair of Aces.

It just was not to be my night at the Railbird event at FTP. The actual tourney was long – just my part in it was short.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you been knocked out of a tourney really earlier and still felt good about the way you played? Was I wrong to take this hand to the river?

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