Playing in a Pot Limit Omaha tourney at the Cowboy's Poker League

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Last night I played in a Pot Limit Omaha (aka PLO) Poker tourney being hosted by the Cowboy’s Poker League and played on FulltiltPoker. This league is just starting up and needs members. But the ones they have currently are enthusiastic and dedicated. Based on their blog page, Scott (twitter name is ffcowboy76) and Jeremy (twitter name is IBGPN) are the host and contact persons. Tweet or follow them on their exploits as well as follow their league twitter name – @CowboyPoker.

I have read a few books about Omaha Pot Limit Poker and thought I knew a little bit about it. I have not played many tourneys but in the ones I did play in, I either did quite well or busted out real fast. Out of a possible ten tourneys, I placed in the top three in two tourneys and lost in the remaining eight. Based on these results, I think that knowing “a little bit” about PLO is accurate.  Some of the books I’ve read are: Farha on Omaha: Expert Strategy for Beating Cash Games and Tournaments and Omaha Poker by Bob Ciaffone. These books did not prepare me enough for last nights game.

Because the league is new, there were only 9 people entered in the tourney. That meant that at the start of the tourney, there were two tables; one with four players and one with five and this is where my skill level is currently lacking. Playing what is called a short-handed game is not one of my strong suits. For me, this is different than playing at the final table once you have built up your stack to a comfortable level. I am out of my comfort zone playing short-handed games and I will have to work on that if I want to survive in the world of  “professional poker”.  Only the top three finishers would win the prizes. Thank you “Cowboy’s Poker League” for adding $25 to the prize pool in addition to our buy-ins.

Overall, I was dealt 92 hands. I folded 56 hands pre-flop. I called 25 hands pre-flop. I checked 10 hands pre-flop when I was in the big blind. I raised one hand pre-flop and took down the pot. Overall, I won ten pots and lost three, including the final hand when I was in third place and went all in with a straight,  A-2-3-4-5, even when a pair (Jacks) was showing on the board. There was a four on the board and my opponent had pocket fours making a full house fours full of jacks, beating my straight.  There is a truism spoken about Omaha High and it is that if a pair is showing on the board, there is a high probability that someone has made a full house. That was the case last night. I ended up finishing third. Considering how passive I was, I will take that. It turns out after checking some blog articles about short-handed games, I should have been a little more aggressive. Raising once in 92 hands is just not too aggressive.

Do any of you play Omaha Pot Limit tourneys?  Do any of you play in short-handed or heads-up play? What has been your success with short-handed games or tables?

Side note: Here is a link to a YouTube video entitled: Poker: The Experience which is making the rounds in online poker circles. I rated it F for Funny.

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3 thoughts on “Playing in a Pot Limit Omaha tourney at the Cowboy's Poker League

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  2. I hadn't played much PLO until this tourney (other than a stray HORSE game online). It also took me a while to get in to the flow of the game with the empty seats at the beginning. I also made the classic mistake of thinking my trips were good. And they were until my opponent made the FH on the river. I was crippled but managed to claw my was back in before the binds ate me up. Hey, that's tournament poker…Regardless, it was fun and I look forward to the next game.

  3. I didn't play Pot Limit Omaha. I played simply Online Pokerbut through your post it seems to be very enthusiastic, funny and mentally required game. Thanks for dictate it here.

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