FullTiltPoker offers an online Academy for players

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The following is an excerpt from FullTiltPoker about their new online FullTiltPoker Academy.
Full Tilt Poker Academy offers a unique interactive experience that allows you to learn from members of Team Full Tilt including Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer and Phil Gordon. You’ll use a library of multimedia content – including video, podcasts, hand replayers, quizzes and tests – which is updated daily and suitable for players of every skill level.

You can begin with Lessons on key strategies and techniques, view live Sessions to see the theory in action, take a Pro Challenge online at Full Tilt Poker or put your knowledge to the test with an interactive Sit-N-Learn.

The most comprehensive training school in poker, Learn how to play poker with the Full Tilt Poker Academy and enroll for free.

I have an account with FullTilt and I have signed up for the academy. You can enroll for free, but … you cannot play for free. However, I think that this is yet another way for a person wanting to become more professional in their play to take advantage of the experience of other pros online. I have been working on the course entitled “Sit & Go By The Numbers” and only need to win one more “Sit N Go” in first place to complete my assignments. Just this one module has helped to improve my thinking about tourney play, position play, and cards playable at different positions and times in a tourney. There are also some great training videos and pop quizzes to test your skills and knowledge. Check out the FullTiltPoker Site for more details.

Have any of you ever tried online training? Do you train in person with a mentor? How has that helped your game?

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