Limit Stud High/Low at the Cowboy Poker League Tourney

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Last night I played in a Seven Card Stud High/Low Poker tourney being hosted by the Cowboy’s Poker League played on FullTiltPoker.  Scott (twitter name is ffcowboy76) and Jeremy (twitter name is IBGPN) are the hosts and contact persons. Tweet or follow them on their exploits as well as follow their league twitter name – @CowboyPoker.

I have played very little Stud H/L and it showed last night. The two days prior to the game, I had been reading about Stud poker strategy in the book, The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition. There are three chapters devoted to Stud poker tourneys and I had read the first two which dealt with Stud High. I had not gotten to the section on Stud High/Low prior to playing in last nights tourney and I could not remember some of the basics, like the fact that the low hand must contain five cards no higher than an eight and must not be paired. So the best low hand would be A 2 3 4  5 and the worse low hand would be 4 5 6 7 8.

As a rule you should be playing a hand when you are reasonably sure you have a chance to win both the high hand and the low hand portion of the pot or at least the high hand. This is not easy as the cards you get on each street might not be what you need and then you are putting too many chips in the pot, hoping to draw out or catch the cards that you need.

After the game had finished, I went back to my book and finished the final chapter on Stud High/Low. From what I had read, I played most of my hands incorrectly last night. Good thing I did not know that during the game. I think?

There were only 6 people entered in the tourney. The following is the summary:
Full Tilt Poker Tournament Summary CPL Game #4 (83234589) Stud H/L Limit
Total Prize Pool: $30
Tournament started: 2009/03/18 21:01:00 ET
Tournament finished: 2009/03/18 22:39:17 ET

1: StevieTrips
3: panndyra (received the bounty for knocking out ffcowboy76)
4: ffcowboy76
5: fleapid
6: mysticslayer

Over three hundred hands were dealt during the tourney and the lead changed many times. It seemed we all took a turn at being in first place and in last place. Chips flew from one player to another during the hectic playing. It was both exciting and exhausting. The tourney only lasted an hour and 40 minutes but really tired me out. I was fortunate to win despite all the mistakes I had made. The river was very forgiving. Sorry guys and gals, yes I did luck out on some of those hands.

Have you every played in a game that you were not that familiar with? How did you manage your chips? Was it more stressful not knowing exactly what you should be doing?

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