Following @realAnnieDuke on Twitter and Railing AnnieDuke on UltimateBet.Com

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In between blogging and playing poker, I assist my wife, Diane, with setting up and selling wire sculptured gifts and jewelry she creates for sale at Arts and Craft shows and on line at WWW.Brogan-Arts.Com. I also receive and send tweets on my cell phone while at these shows as there are some slow times, meaning no customers are at our booth. Because I don’t have unlimited text, I only follow a select few tweeple on my cell phone, occasionally turning those updates off as I approach my 5,000 text message limit for the month. I received a tweet from one of my fellow poker players that mentioned the “@realannieduke“.

Being a fan of Annie Duke, I was intrigued so I started following her and started receiving her tweet updates. I found out she was going to a yard sale with her daughters who were going to be selling lemonade. Later I found out that Annie Duke was going to be playing at the UltimateBet Sunday Night $200K Guaranteed Tourney which started at 5:30pm Sunday night.


The following are some of the tweets leading up to, during, and after the tourney written by @realannieduke (Annie Duke).

Playing the Sunday $200K on Then doing my weekly radio show with p0kerH0 on Listen in at 5pm pacific.(about 12 hours ago from web )

Came late to the Sunday $200K. Limped in with 33, flopped a set, won a huge pot. Glad I waited to play. (about 12 hours ago from web)

You are all welcome to rail me on UB today, btw. Come say hi!  (about 12 hours ago from web)

Bad news: I accidentally called an all in on an AXX boad with 86 no pair no draw. Disabled hit enter to bet option after that obviously  (about 10 hours ago from web)

Good news: Doubled up with 88 vs AQ when the board flopped T8X. Back up close to 6K. (about 10 hours ago from web)

radio show starts in 1 minute… (about 10 hours ago from web)

Just doubled up while doing a radio show. Ha! Life is sweet.  (about 9 hours ago from web)

Joe Navarro is always the best guest! (about 9 hours ago from web)

Just got kocked out of the UB Sunday $200K AQ vs AK. Fair enough. Now I can focus on the radio show.  (about 8 hours ago from web)

@joshsuth Bubbled.  (about 8 hours ago from web in reply to joshsuth)

Will be tweeting from @CelebApprentice tonight. Follow me there during the west coast feed of the show starting at 9pm pacific.  (about 6 hours ago from web)

Check out my Dad, Richard Lederer, in this clip. I can only say I love him unconditionally (about 6 hours ago from web)

Just finished tweeting for @CelebApprentice. Going to write my blog now on (about 4 hours ago from web)

Blog is done.  (about 2 hours ago from web)

Annie finished in 129th place in the tourney, just 30 places shy of getting in the money. First place payed out $44,660.00 and 99th place payed out $280.00. The buy-in was $215.00 and there were 997 entrants.


When I got home, I logged onto the UltimateBet Poker site and started watching Annie play at her assigned table. The practice of watching a game you are not involved in is called “railing”, being on the viewing rails outside of a tourney playing area, looking in at the players from a distance.

The reason I found this interesting is that she appears to be just like every other poker player I know. Really human. She showed up late for an online tourney. I have done that and I know others that have as well. She was multitasking; twittering, conducting a Rounders Radio Interview, playing in a tourney, typing the occasional  “tyty” while winning a pot and being told “nh”  for nice hand. With so many distractions, she appeared to have made some bad decisions during her play of certain hands and before she knew it she was out in 129th place. I am just guessing about the bad plays, I am sure she may have had a very good reason for everything she did. Based on the fact she was doing both a tourney and a radio show I would guess this could lead to distractions.

Have you ever been in a tourney but was not giving it a 100%?   Were you reading blogs, typing blogs, answering emails, leaving comments while playing a tourney or a game?   Were you disappointed at your results, but not sure what happened?   Could you have lost your focus while dancing, chewing gum, playing cards, whistling, and drinking beer at the same time? (I’d like a video clip if you did that last one, please).

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