Review: World Poker Tour: Making the Final Table – Erick Lindgren

In my quest for self-improvement in tournament poker, I read the book “World Poker Tour(TM): Making the Final Table“.

Erick Lindgren took me through all the steps of getting to a World Poker Tour event. He explained that you can gain entry to the events by buying into it directly for $10,000 to $25,000 or you can win a satellite game costing as little as $60 or so and advance a stage at a time, providing you win each stage. In fact, his first WPT tourney was through a satellite.

The book is divided into nine chapters; each one showing the progression from just considering a WPT event, to the winning concepts needed overall. It covers the start of the tourney, Day 1. Erick discusses his methods of playing after the flop. His takes us through the middle stages of a tourney; getting past the bubble and making money; the final table, heads up play, and if you are successful, living the life of a pro.

The appendix contains a wealth of World Poker Tour History; poker math and poker bluffing tips by Matt Matros.

If you are interested in winning tournaments and learning from one of the best tourney players, I recommend this book to you.

Do you have goals to play in a large tourney such as the WPT or WSOP? How have you prepared your self for that goal? Can you imagine playing in a event requiring you to play up to 12 hours per day for at least five days?

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