Happy April 1st. – New challenges and old challenges to face ahead.

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This is the start of a new month but I still have a couple of challenges left from last month to complete. I have two items remaining from the “FullTilt Poker Academy – The Power of Position Challenge”.

These two items are as follows:

#4. Successfully bluff on the turn with no pair after calling a bet in position on the flop. (This exercise will demonstrate the power of position versus the need for having a good hand).

#5. The Pro Play  –  Win 3 consecutive pots from the button. (This one is a trickier one to accomplish because you are not always going to have a hand on the button, so some of the time you will have to bluff your way through).

In order to accomplish these tasks online, you must play in a cash game of Texas No Limit Hold ‘Em with at least 7 or 8 players at your table. Finding the table and the number of players needed is the easy part. I am not sure why I have not accomplished task #4, but I can see that task #5 is going to be difficult. In order to win at the button three times in a row, every thing has to go perfectly. Your image has to be tight aggressive so that there is a reluctance to call you. Your bet size has to influence your opponents to lay down their hands. As there are many wild players out there that are paying attention, the last task is going to come down to a combination of luck and skill. I will update my results when the task is completed.

Also coming up this week:

Tonight’s Hold ‘Em Pot Limit tourney is being hosted by the Cowboy’s Poker League played on FullTiltPoker at 9:00 pm EDT. You have plenty of time to visit the blog and join up. Scott (twitter name is ffcowboy76) and Jeremy (twitter name is IBGPN) are the hosts and contact persons. Tweet or follow them on their exploits as well as follow their league twitter name – @CowboyPoker.

Tomorrow night at 9 pm EDT is the Twitter Poker Tour Tilt Event #12 on FullTiltPoker. The actual season finale, Stars Event #12,  is Thursday, April 9th on PokerStars at 9 pm EDT.

Do you have challenges that remain uncompleted? Do you have plans on how to accomplish them? Are some channenges just too unatainable or difficult? How do you make your challenges reasonable?

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One thought on “Happy April 1st. – New challenges and old challenges to face ahead.

  1. Number 4 is an effective move, but only against the right player and only if you have the right image. My image is typically tight-aggressive. So, I can get by with that move a time or two in a tournament against the right person. Typically, the right person is a good player who likes to see flops. Fortunately, there are a few of those type of people around!!!Nice post…thanks.

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