I ended up my RAZZ SCOOP tourney at 1,323th place out of 2,945 on PokerStars

The 2002 World Series of Poker in progress.
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My finish last night at about half way in the pack was disappointing as compared to the previous two losses at the PokerStars SCOOP. I lost in better positions at those. Not sure if that was a positive thing? Hmm.

Although RAZZ is similar to Seven Card Stud Poker, I was not patient enough to take control of my chips. I would get involved in hands with good starting hands but would not notice that I did not have the best low.

This was an excercise in getting a few chips, giving up a lot of chips, getting a few chips back, holding on to them, and slowly giving them back. Still, it was exciting to be a participant in these three tourneys and I look forward to doing them again next  year.

In order to prepare for these events next spring, I will start March 2010 by reviewing my books on these games and will also get some practice by playing in some MTT SNG’s (Multiple Table Tournament Sit N Go’s). For me, the SCOOP offers me the excitement of going to some of the WSOP events without having to do the travel and the expense of food and lodging, plus they offer buy-ins that fit my current bankroll.

Have any of you played in the SCOOP events? How did you do? Would you do it again? How did you prepare for the event? Are any of you planning on going to the WSOP events?

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