Season 2 of the Twitter Poker Tour closes with TPT:Stars Event #12

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Season 2 of the Twitter Poker Tour closed with the TPT:Stars Event #12. The game we played was Texas Hold ‘Em No Limit Poker. The session started promptly at 9:00 pm with the scoreboard leader ship on the line for the top five challengers.  A snapshot of the leader board prior to this event  follows:


None of us wanted to exit early but the “bestlaid plans of mice and men often go awry” as they say. Altogether there were 33 entrants to the tourney and the final results are as follows:

PokerStars Tournament #153730959, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $5.00/$0.50
33 players
Total Prize Pool: $165.00
Tournament started 2009/04/09 21:00:00 ET
Tournament finished 2009/04/09 23:26:03 ET
  1: Mac Zealot (Hanover)
  2: MustangFund (Grand Rapids)
  3: UGA-Dawg308 (Alpharetta)
  4: MNFulltilt (St Cloud)
  5: BklynBeast (Brooklyn)
  6: fleapid (Chatsworth)
  7: mcmac5150 (Mt Pleasant)
  8: PyroATX (nashville)
  9: taz31362 (hermitage  )
  10: edihpoker (Elk Grove)
  11: excalibur41 (Glasgow)
  12: mike4dice (Randolph)
  13: sotied (Hingham)
  14: poveyjeff (Bristol)
  15: CrestedMom (Hermitage)
  16: b3ls3pub (Valkeala)
  17: Mechanos5 (Boise)
  18: LaBangBang (Parker)
  19: thereelgator (Lighthouse Point)
  20: Steve_Treys (Fremont)
  21: magictrekker (madisonville)
  22: panndy623 (Austin)
  23: THCPower (Binbrook)
  24: geoffm33 (South Boston)
  25: qaz60 (Athens)
  26: Wuzzle69 (Caboolture QLD)
  27: ungarop (Medford)
  28: The420Gov (Greenwood)
  29: john.ebjr (Lansing)
  30: Shackedin05 (Redondo Beach)
  31: burntor4ng3 (Plano)
  32: rhoegg (Oklahoma City)
  33: StreetDipper (Broken Arrow)

My best hands of the 58 that were dealt to me consisted of pocket Queens, pocket sixes, and pocket nines. I won 30 chips with my Queens, I folded to a raise with the pocket sixes, and I went all in and lost with pocket nines going up against a pair of Kings. Overall I won 5 pots during the night and three of those with the worse hand by bluffing. Only three of the hands dealt to me contained an Ace but with a low card to go along with it.

Congratulations to the top five winners of tonight’s season ending event. And thanks to Bad Beat Clothing and to Grinder School Poker Training Website for providing prizes for season 2.



I am looking forward already to season three. This season they have a sponsor, DeucesCracked, offering weekly prizes of a one month’s subscription to their poker training site for the top winner. They will award the Season 3 Champion with a 6 month subscription!

How did you do last night? Was there anything you would have done differently? Are you also looking forward to Season 3?

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4 thoughts on “Season 2 of the Twitter Poker Tour closes with TPT:Stars Event #12

  1. Hey Steve. I played pretty well in the TPT. Would've liked to have had my bust out hand back as i tried to steal from UTG with A8. Bad move as it ran into AK. Oh well. Can't wait for season 3

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