Cash Games at PS and FTP

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Sunday, I started playing Limit Hold ‘Em at PokerStars and No Limit Hold ‘Em on FullTiltPoker. I have been wanting to do that for some time now.

I played at PokerStars on the $1/$2f tables for about two hours and was dealt 169 hands. I ended up in the plus with $31.94 or an hourly rate of $15.97. The cards were running my way. I saw some interesting opponents, ones  that would bet and raise against me and go right to the river with just an Ace and any other card, hoping to see me fold. It was nice to see them at my table. I hope to see them again.

I played about an hour on the No Limit Hold ‘Em table at FullTiltPoker. I had a higher variance at the that table and was able to walk away with only $2.25 more that I started. This gave me an hourly rate of $2.25. I was playing at the .25c/.50c tables at FullTiltPoker. There the players were just as interesting as the ones I saw at PokerStars. There were some opponets that went all in with any pocket pair, playing a sort of Poker Bingo. Over all I was satisfied with my level of playing even though I did not have the hourly results that I had expected.

My overall expectation for an hourly game rate was about $20.00 per hour. I will continue to play and record my results. I also plan to see if  playing at different times of day at the online sites makes a difference to my hourly rate.

Do you set an hourly rate goal for yourself? How do you track your results? Do you stop playing after winning  a certain amount? Do you stop playing after losing a certain amount?

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