Training Videos – helped to open up my game.

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One of my favorite poker games is Limit Hold ‘Em. I currently play on various online sites at the low limits while I continue my education on how to play winning poker. As I mentioned in my last post, I have won a one month training subscription to DeucesCracked.Com which includes the unlimited use of their videos and reading materials.

I began by focusing on materials regarding Limit Hold ‘Em and started watching a video from a series entitled “Passing the Torch”. Episode one was about opening up my game. Prior to watching this video I was what is considered a TAG type of player, Tight and Aggressive. I would raise hands in the AA, KK, QQ, AK range and call with hands such as TT, 99, 88 but only if a raise had not already been made. I would try limping in with suited connectors or one gappers but only if I was in position.

After watching the video, I saw that there was value to be aggressive pre-flop with these type of hands and would come into the hand raising, re-raising and even capping the betting preflop. If the flop was good for me, I would continue to fire bets into the pot. For the session that I attempted this, more loose type of play, LAG, Loose and Aggressive, was very profitable for me.

Last night I watched “Passing the Torch – Episode two”. This video contained ideas about the practice of value betting your hands, something I had not been doing much of. Basically, if you have made the hand you wanted, you would continue to bet out as long as the board cards were not too scary. By that I mean, if I made a pair or my pocket pair was higher that any of the cards on the flop, I should continue by betting out and seeing what happens. If I was called, I would continue to bet the turn and the river. Again this would depend on whether the board looked like I might be beaten. At that point, if I was raised, I would call as I was getting good pot odds to do so.

My results last night were not as spectacular as the night before, but I did show a profit for the hour of play while watching the video. In the hands that I did hit, I was able to value bet sucessfully.

Do you value bet at the river when you think you might have the best hand to get more value out of your session? How do you learn in order to improve your game? Videos, books, live training?

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