Changing up my game – time.

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I have enjoyed playing in the Twitter Poker Tour tourneys the last few months and I have had some success playing in them. I enjoy playing Texas Hold ‘Em in its many forms including Limit and No Limit.

The only drawback about the tourney for me has been the time of day that the tourney is held. For the last several years my work day habits were such that I was up in the morning by 4:30 – 4:45 am and off to work by 6:00 am. At the end of the day I would retire by 10:00 at the latest. Even now, when I am  no longer working, I tend to keep the same hours. So I was greatly pleased to hear that I could continue to play the Twitter Poker Tour, but at the European tourney time.

I am going to greatly miss the gang at the #TPT, but I am looking forward to playing at the #TPTE during hours that favor my life style. As they say, ‘shuffle up and deal”!

Do you find you play better during certain hours? Are you able to stay up later than usual with no effect to your game or your health? Are you a morning or an evening person?

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9 thoughts on “Changing up my game – time.

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    • Grundy, Thanks. I cleaned up the second place title tonight with coolwhipflea coming in first. He is playing tonight at the regular TPT and is currently in 4th place as I write my reply. I enjoy your tweets – “Book Idea” – “The World according to Grundy”, and just have your tweets.

  2. I haven't been able to play in the tour at all because the time zones are too far out for New Zealand. As to time of day, I'm sure I'd play better in the morning if I had a chance, but work sees to it that I can't except in the odd local regional championship. I usually play at night and it depends on how my day went, whether I really have my wits about me or not. My big weekly game at the casino is on a Monday night so I am still reasonably fresh, but on the other hand if I do well, it is early morning before I get home to bed and can take a day or 2 to catch up. Of course when you have been at the casino playing for 5 or more hours, going to bed and switching the brain off doesn't work that well either.

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