Twitter Poker Tour Europe (#TPTE) – Event 2 Summary

Map of the time zones of Europe.
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This year the Twitter Poker Tour has added a European Event tagged in Twitter as the #TPTE. It has its own time zone and prizes different than the original #TPT tourney.

I played in “Event 2 of the #TPTE” on FullTiltPoker yesterday. Because the event was created to favor the Europeans, the start time was 2 pm Eastern Daylight Time or 7 CEST time – Central European Summer Time. I was looking forward to playing in this event because of the time zone and due to the fact that I would not have to stay up late to play. Usually the #TPT, which is played starting at 9 pm, does not finish until about midnight which is really too late for me.

Because the event in Europe is new, there are not a lot of players competing yet. Yesterday saw only eight entrants so play was confined to one table.  The standard game of Texas No Limit Hold ‘Em was played. Even though there were only eight players, the opponents were good players. A few have played against each other more than once and knew what to expect. Altogether, the game lasted about 1 1/2 hours and about 156 hands were played.

The following is the summary of the tourney with only the first three finishers being paid a prize.
1: fleapid
2: StevieTrips
3: Excalibur9
4: Fingolfin2
5: amuzulo
6: jeffpovey
7: RawrStar
8: taz31362

Congratulations to all who played and to those that won. Please be sure to spread the word about the #TPTE, Twitter Poker Tour – Europe, and join the fun.

Does your strategy change when you play on one table versus multiple tables? Does your results differ between the types of game, (single table versus multiple)? Are you able to make it to the final table and be paid off for your efforts?

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