Proper rest is another tool in the poker player tool kit. Tiredness is a drawback.

Belgium, Louvain-la-neuve: Piles of tiredness
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Last night was the third event of Season Three at the Twitter Poker Tour. A Texas Hold ‘Em No Limit Tourney was played starting at 9 pm EST. Due to prior commitments to our home based business, Brogan-Arts.Com, I was also unable to play in Event 3 of the TPT Europe Tourney held at 7:00 PM BST or 2 pm EST.  By the time my wife and I got home we were both exhausted. When we go to exhibit our wares, we also bring our jewelry cases, lighting, tables, table clothes, miscellaneous supplies, gift boxes, gift bags, adding machine, charge card machine, just to mention a few items. It usually takes about three trips from our mini-van to bring everything in. We are usually at an Arts and Crafts location for about 4 to 6 hours, standing up and talking with our customers and prospects about 25% of the time. Then when the day is done, we reverse the process and pack everything up and repack it in the mini-van for our trip back home.

On the way home, we stopped to visit with some of our former neighbors in the town we lived in before moving to New Hampshire. We stayed and chatted for a couple of hours and then took off for home, stopping at a couple of stores on the way home to pick up some groceries.

By the time Diane and I had put everything away, eaten supper, and were starting to relax, it was about 7:30 pm EST. I had twitter up on my phone, clearing the 250 messages that I had accumulated during the day as I had forgotten my cell at home that morning.  I noticed quite a few #TPT messages after I had caught up to the 6 pm messages and thought that it would be fun to play in the #TPT, but then I realized just how tired I felt.

I had pulled up FullTilt on my notebook while sitting on the couch and opened up the tourney registration screen for the #TPT event. I watched as the registration numbers to the tourney increased from 17 to 32. I noticed that @coolwhipflea had not yet made it home to register and wondered if he would make late registration in time to play. According to his tweets, he really did want to play that night.

I struggled with my desire to play, but really thought over why I had decided to start playing in the #TPTE in the first place instead of the #TPT. I had made the switch because an evening playing at the #TPT was very exhausting, especially if I made it to the final table and the final thee. I am a person who really needs about eight hours of sleep in order to function properly. I have read that many of the top pros will tell you not to play if you are overtired. This is when you can make your worst mistakes as your judgment will be clouded. It is possible that you will not even recognize that you are having a problem until it is way too late to recover from your mistakes. From what I have read of many of the top poker pros, they will tell you that proper rest and exercise is the best tools you can have to help you in tourneys.

Are you well rested before you play a tourney? Does sleep enter into your pre-tourney plans? Have you ever played while extremely tired and realized later that you could have played better had you been more alert? What are your thoughts about getting enough sleep?

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