@sebastianrocks lays down a challenge to the regulars that play poker at the #TPT/#TPTE and more

Poker night - Who's gonna win?
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@sebastianrocks, twitter name of rock music star, Patrick Sebastian, laid down a challenge to us to see which one of us could take a $10 bankroll and increase it to $250 first. That idea was twittered by @sebastianrocks initially around 6:00 am EST yesterday morning. I had “retwittered” a couple of the messages so that my followers would have a chance to see it and act on it. To see the details of the challenge, go to www.patricksebastian.wordpress.com.

My first thoughts about the challenge were that it would be a lot of work and effort and would require a lot of my time. I answered back to their requests that I participate, with a fairly strong “no thanks”.  I discussed the idea with my wife, but I gave only the negatives that I was feeling about the idea in general. It would be time consuming, it would be difficult to schedule, it would require too much effort.

I was still twittering back and forth during the evening with @sebastianrocks. I was also involved in playing a freeroll tourney on the PokerHost online site sponsored by twitterer @TeamPokerHost. My play was not as focused as it should have been. I played some hands well, I had some luck playing some hands I should have folded and I eventually busted out in 95th position. There were some 200 players in the event. I felt I should have done better. But to do so, I would have had to play better.  So at 10 pm EST, my final twitter message prior to bed time was “@sebastianrocks I’ll give it some more thought. With my poor play of late it might be good to grind my way up the ladder.”

I had a reasonably good night’s sleep and changed my mind about taking the challenge. I think my first thoughts about accepting the task was due to reflecting on how poorly I was playing last week during a few tourneys and also in a couple of Texas Hold ‘Em Limit cash games. Bad results have happened to me before and it is usually a sign that I needed a “poker tune up”. Most of the time this would mean that I would hit the poker books and videos and see what the pros say about proper poker play.

The challenge would offer me the chance to put those ideas into use at the poker tables. I still need to develop my skills as a serious player and accepting this task is one way I can start to improve.

As of this moment, there are five people registered in the event:
Mr Patrick Sebastian (PS b3ls3pub, FT belsepub)
Mr RawrStar  (PS/FT RawrStar)
Mr PokerPlasm (PS/FT Zonetrap)
Mr Street  (PS Streetdipper/FTP Street3)
Mr Coolwhipflea (FTP Team7Deuce)

I, Mr Steve Brogan (PS Steve_Treys, FT StevieTrips), will join the competition.

Have you ever been asked to do something that was difficult and made you feel uncomfortable initially? Did you base your answer on sound logic or out of fear of the challenge you were given? Can you develop your skills without effort and without testing yourself? What new challenges have you been given lately?

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