#raceto250 – The race to build a bankroll from $10.00 to $250.00 continues

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@sebastianrocks, twitter name of rock music star, Patrick Sebastian, laid down a challenge to us to see which one of us could take a $10 bankroll and increase it to $250 first.  To see the details of the challenge, go to www.patricksebastian.wordpress.com.

So far six of us have entered the race. While time might be an issue, it is not a major one. The strategy for most of the players is to play their best game to the best of their ability. The race can take time because even very good poker players will run into a spell where they either get bad cards or bad beats like when they have AA and get beat by someone else having 22 and hitting another 2 for a better hand.

Currently I have gone from my starting amount of 10.00 down to 8.06, so I now am in the position of making up lost ground as well as working to build up my bankroll.  My last session was only about 1 3/4 hours long. I actually played tighter then the results might indicate, being involved in less than 20% of the hands I was dealt.

While twittering with a follow challenger, he mentioned that I should expand my play to include more than just cash games. He suggested Sit N Go’s and small buy-in tourneys as other methods that I could use to build up my bankroll. I will certainly try out some of his recommendations.

Do you listen to advice from others? Do you try to expand your thinking by talking with others?  How do you incorporate new ideas into your game?

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