Day 2 of the race to 250 (#raceto250 twitter tag)

Poker Night
Image by whiskeyboytx via Flickr

@sebastianrocks, twitter name of rock music star, Patrick Sebastian, laid down a challenge to us to see which one of us could take a $10 bankroll and increase it to $250 first.  To see the details of the challenge and current details of our progress, go to

At this point in time eight  of us have entered the race. I have yet to stop the downward spiral but I have slowed it down. My overall results are as follows:

4th May cash 0.01/0.02 (S) $ 1.00 (E) $ 0.00   Profit   -$1.00  (T) 9.00
4th May cash 0.01/0.02 (S) $ 1.00 (E) $ 0.00   Profit   -$1.00  (T) 8.00
4th May cash 0.01/0.02 (S) $ 1.00 (E) $ 1.06   Profit     $ 0.06  (T) 8.06
5th May SnG  $1+0.15    (S) $ 1.15 (E) $ 0.00   Profit   -$1.15    (T) 6.91
5th May SnG  $1+0.15    (S) $ 1.15 (E) $ 2.00   Profit     $0. 85  (T) 7.76

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to wary the types of games I play in cash games, Sit N Go tourneys and low buy-in tourneys. Of the two tourneys I played in, I lost one and won one giving me an over all net loss of -.30c, which is still not in the right direction. I will continue this strategy for a few more sessions as I  try to work my way back up into contention.

Have you ever had a challenge but found you were not succeeding initally? Di you give up or do you continue to try? What changes did you make in order to continue your challenge,?

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