Update on the race to $250 and other thoughts

Online Poker Opponent
Image by E L O via Flickr

@sebastianrocks, twitter name of rock music star, Patrick Sebastian, laid down a challenge to us to see which one of us could take a $10 bankroll and increase it to $250 first.  To see the details of the challenge and current details of our progress, go to www.patricksebastian.wordpress.com. At this point in time there are now ten of us that  have entered the race and I am currently in fourth place. I have finally doubled up from my original starting $10.00. I am now at $21.69 and I can start to play in SnG’s of $2.00 or cash games of .02/.05 instead of the .01/.02 blinds that I have been playing.

As I stated in an earlier post, this exercise has improved my overall playing in SnG’s and has also helped to point out those areas in my game that still need some improvement.

In a No Limit Hold Em game, you need to know when to bet, when to fold, when to bluff and how to give yourself a chance to win. In order for me to reach the next level, I need to succeed in the cash games of No Limit Hold ‘Em.  I intend to do this through more book study and video review from the one month gift subscription to DeucesCracked.Com, a poker training web site, that I won as the result of coming in first place in a tourney hosted by the  “Twitter Poker Tour”.

On another note, I just started looking at the big picture last night in a twitter freeroll sponsored by @teampokerhost on the PokerHost.Com online poker site. By this, I mean that I hooked up my mini-notebook to our LCD 47″ Vizio television. Talk about a large table, wow! I was able to comfortablly sit down on my couch and play a tourney which I placed 19th out 195 and earned a small prize. I also played a SnG in which I won in first place. The only drawback was the fact that while I had a wireless mouse, I did not have a wireless keyboard so I did not have access to chat or type in betting amounts. Guess what kind of store I am going to today?

How is your cash game at the micro limits compared to your Sit N Go’s or low entry tourneys? Do you see any progress in your playing ability? What do you do to help you improve?

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