Finished 8th in the PokerHost Stimulus 2.5K event Sunday evening playing No Limit Texas Hold Em

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I have been playing a lot of Texas No Limit Hold Em as a result of the “race to 250” lately, so it was fun to switch gears and play in a higher paying tournament.  (See my  post, “Update on the race to $250 and other thoughts” for more details on the race.)

The PokerHost Stimulus 2.5K event was an exciting event for me. The chance to win a top prize of $650.00 for first place was a heady prospect.

I  received a free ticket to the event as the result of adding an additional $25.00 to my existing account with PokerHost. I learned about the event from a “tweet” by @TeamPokerHost. The odds were good due to the fact that only 97 had entered the event and that the top 15 players were going to be paid. That meant that 16% of the players would win.

This was a tight and gruelling event. I came up against some very good players as well as about a dozen or so players that were “sitting out” the entire tourney for whatever reason. It would be interesting to know why, but the good part for me was that I played well enough to finish in 8th place.

In fact my last hand was an all-in bid to move up a couple of places on the ladder. I had the best hand both pre-flop and flop but lost on the turn and river to the then chip leader who caught runner runner for two-+ pair.

My entry fee was valued at $16.00 and I won $85.00 for 8th place, giving me an effective rate of $21.00 per hour, which I would take every time.

Have you ever had a chance to cash in at a tourney where the entry fee was reasonable? Did the way you played give you a chance to win? Did you take risks at the right time? Did you know when to back down and not jeopardize your tourney life because you were too stubborn about thinking you had the best hand, when it fact you did not?

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