The official race to $250 is over!
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The following is an excerpt from the blog of of rock music star, Patrick Sebastian, whose twitter name is @sebastianrocks.


I am very sorry to inform, but the race is over for the 1st place. I had couple unbelievable sessions and I just went thru $250 mark  in the race, getting over $70 in my last session. I’ll post some biggest hands tomorrow.

BUT, I’ll give the 2nd to reach the $250 mark $30 and 3rd $15 so keep playing.


Patrick Sebastian
25May cash 0,10/0,25 (S) $10 (E)$87.80 (P) $77.80   (T)$262.80


See the rest of the details by going to Even though the official race is over and Patrick won the prize, he is giving up half of his prize by creating a second and third place prize to be given to the next two players that complete the challenge. The original terms of the race were winner take all, but Patrick wants us to succeed in this quest as well.

I, for one, will go on to complete this challenge and use this quest as the means to reach my own personal goal of increasing my poker bankroll by 250% in the next 12 months. While I won’t actually list the amount of my bankroll, I will issue my status by using what percentage of the goal I have reached, upwards or downwards.

Thank you Patrick Sebastian for being a role model and for providing us the opportunity to grow as players and as persons. I am not familiar with your music, yet, but as a poker player, you are a pro and I am proud to know you and play with you at the tables.

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