Freerolls! Are they worth playing?

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Last night I played in the freeroll titled the “Testosterone Freeroll”. Overall there were 319 entrants to the event which started at 8pm ET. At 11:30 pm we were down to 4 players and I was the short stack. I had a K4 off suit and decided to try my luck.  Most of the night, I considered my play skillful, and yes I did suck out on a few hands – which is why they call this game we like to play poker.

As it was a freeroll, my fourth place finish earned me $3.75 for my efforts during the grueling 3 1/2 hours of play, $1.25 an hour. This was a fun game with many ups and downs. A lot of hands went all in pre-flop,  post flop, on the turn and the river. I was up against one player that stayed all the way to the river with flush draws and hit a few of them to take away “my chips”.  If you need experience in how to play a tourney, this game could be the one for you.

You get the experience of playing on multi-tables. At PokerHost, they move players around so you get the opportunity to move and see more players, some  of which you might see again at the final table if your skill and luck holds out.

Each of the tables held ten players, although some of them were “sitting out”. This occurred mostly at the beginning of the tourney.  I think some people sign up and say they are going to play and at the last minute change their mind and then they do not unregister. I actually ended up on one table where the other nine were “sitting out” and all I had to do to win the chips was hit the bet or raise button. My hand was getting a little sore until some live persons showed up. I did not notice that my raise was called at first until I saw the flop, then I had to tighten up a bit and try to just steal 6 out of 10 hands.

Do you play freerolls? What has been your experience with them?  Would you recommend any of them to your friends? What sites have the best freerolls?

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