Deep Stack Tourneys – Have you played one?

Poker night - Who's gonna win?
Image by Philofoto via Flickr

I have been playing some poker on as the results of replying to “tweets” from @TeamPokerHost about tourneys and freerolls being played at their online site.

PokerHost allows US players and has a variety of games availble to suit most types. Because they are a new site, there are not a lot of players at the tables but they do have some great quarenteed games and some nice freerolls as well as incentive bonuses and rewards for making a first time deposit as well as additions to your existing account.

I played a “Deep Stack” tourney for the first time and manged to get a fifth place prize for my efforts. It turns out that a deep stack means you get a larger starting amount of chips to play with. In this case, we each got 5,000 in chips instead of the usual 1,500.

Not having played “deep stack” tourneys before, I googled it and found out the best way to play them from an article written by Allen Cunningham. While I did not win it all, I was pleased with my results.

I like the PokerHost site and the fact that it has games that I play and that I can win at.

How do you choose your sites? Do you play there for fun or profit? What is your favorite site?

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