Stuck on the poker games – both cash and tourneys

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For the last few days, I have been running bad, both in cash games and in tourneys. It seems that when I had good cards, like AA, no one wanted to get involved and I’d win a small pot. But if I held 55’s or 99’s, watch everyone try to get every last one of my chips. It was not  as if I was giving them away. Or was it? In some cases when my chip stack was dwindling, I would try to stay in a hand even though all the evidence pointed to the fact that my opponent had a better hand.

My desire to have a winning hand did not make it happen. I actually needed a better hand to win. There were a few times when I knew someone was bluffing, like three times in a row, but I would call him down on the forth time and be beaten by a high pocket pair, beating my top pair. And I am not even going to talk about what happened when I had pocket Jacks!

My last good and memorable win was last week at the #TPTE. Thank goodness there is another #TPTE game this week.

Do you ever run into a rough patch of poker playing? Do you try to force a win with less than stellar holdings? How do you hand adversity at the felt?

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