A day off hopefully will correct the off days

A day without playing poker means a day without any losses or wins. Even just 24 hours can help to change a mind set. As far as results, we shall see this afternoon when I play in the Twitter Poker Tour’s European event being played on FullTiltPoker at 7pm BST (2 pm EST).

I had a lovely day, topped off with my wife Diane, taking me out to dinner at a tavern we both have enjoyed going to in the past. The food and service was still just as good as ever even though the name changed due to new management.

I finished off the “non-poker-playing” day by reading all of my tweets, watching part of a video from Deuces Cracked and reading part of a book by David Sklansky. The video was about playing limit hold ’em at the micro levels, .02/.05, and I realized as I was watching it that I was trying the same techniques while playing lower limit games of .25/.50 and .50/1.00. This may be an error and I will have to review my books to see. The book, one of my birthday gifts, was titled Poker, Gaming, and Life and written by David Sklamsky. Even though I have read only seven pages including the foreword and introduction, I can already see that this is the book for me to read at this exact moment in my poker career. I will review it later in more detail once I complete it. The majority of the tweets were birthday greetings – thank you very much – and WSOP updates about some of my favorite pro players.

How to you spend your days off from poker? Do you do something different? Are you recharged after? Do you even take time off from the poker world?

One thought on “A day off hopefully will correct the off days

  1. I often feel refreshed having time away from the tables. i am currently reading Gus Hansen’s book ‘Every hand Revealed’ Highly recommended indeed. See you later at TPTE.

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