My third #TPTE win in a row


This is the third time in a row that I have won the Twitter Poker Tour’s European event played at 7pm BST (2 pm EST). As this is the first season that the Twitter Poker Tour has had this event to enable the Europeans a chance to play on either FullTiltPoker or PokerStars.

I really like playing with all of them. They are a great group and they bring their “A” game to the table. It was no easy task and I had the luck of the “Irish” to get me out of some tough scraps. Of course it does not hurt when you catch the cards you need at the right time.

Speaking of cards, my first 59 hands that I was dealt did not contain a pair? What are the odds of not getting a pocket pair in 60 hands? I had to contend with seeing the flop in order to decide if I could keep playing a hand and that was not easy with the aggressive betting of the other players.  Fortunately for me, the cards got better as the game went on.

My plan for next week? Just play my best and let the chips fall where they may (hopefully in my stack of course).

Do you have tourneys that you like to play regularly? What sites do you like to play them on? Do you have any superstitions that you bring with you to the table?

5 thoughts on “My third #TPTE win in a row

  1. I played in a large MTT a little while back where I saw 184 hands total, and I saw 1 pair. It was on hand #3 and it was 4-4. When the flop hit 9-Q-K, I got away. Sick. Tough to play Texas Fold'Em.

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