Three tourneys played – no tourney won.

Jack of spades.
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The first tourney I played yesterday was the Twitter Poker Tour’s European event played at 7pm BST (2 pm EST) hosted by the Twitter Poker Tour and was played on PokerStars. While I was hoping for a fourth 1st place finish in a row, that did not happen. I played well enough to make the final table of 9 out of a field of 13 entrants. One bad decision caused me to exit out of the tourney in 9th place. I had three nines and there were three cards of the same suit already on the board after the turn card was shown giving the possibility that my opponent might make a flush if they already had not done so. I made an all in bet and after a minute I was called. My opponent had already made the flush. I still had ten outs, ten cards left in the deck that could make  me the winner but the last card was a blank, and I was out in ninth place. While I could have folded, I was hoping to scoop up a large amount of chips.

Tourney two – was played on FullTiltPoker and was an Omaha Hi tourney that started with 271 entrants. This tourney was unremarkable in that I never got hands good enough to win pots and finished in 74th place. No questionable decisions made.

Tourney three – was also played on FulltiltPoker and was a HORSE tourney that started with 165 entrants. I really enjoyed playing in this tourney and for the most part I was in the top 10% of the leaders. I was in the middle of the pack towards the end of the tourney when blinds and antes were quite high. My best games were played during the Limit Hold ‘Em and RAZZ segments of the tourney. My downfall was in the Stud Hi/Lo segment and I was chasing both the high and the low. My cards ended up not being high enough or low enough and I lost most of my chips and was unable to recover. I ended up finishing 55th.

In spite of the poor finishes, I enjoyed the tourneys and felt that most of my decisions were sound. But in poker, it only takes a few incorrect decisions to cost you a win.

What kind of tourneys to you enjoy competing in? Do you play in games with more than 100 people? More than a thousand? How does that change your approach to the game?

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