Testing results at the SnGs

Image by Jeff Croft via Flickr

I have either been playing poorly of late or running poorly, not catching the cards or playing the players correctly, so I thought I would slow down a little and try a little experiment. My idea was to play  single table Sit and Go’s until I won and then move on to playing a two table Sit and Go, and then a three table, until I reached the 10 table Sit and Go’s.

I played in the “regular” Sit and Go’s versus the “Turbo” version with the shorter time limits when blinds are increased. I was not sure how scientific this approach was but I first played three single table SnGs before winning one. I then went on to the two table SnG’s, not winning either one of them before deciding to call it a night.

So the jury is out on this idea – at least for the time being.

What do you do when your results are not going the way you want? How do you change your approach to winning? Can you really control your results, long term?

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One thought on “Testing results at the SnGs

  1. I find that sometimes my playing style gets me results, and sometimes it doesn't. The best thing for me is to just walk away and play another day. In the meantime, I find it helps to read up on strategies and approaches so I can keep tweaking my game.

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