An interesting night at the 10th event of the #TPT

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Last night was the tenth event of Season Three of the Twitter Poker Tour. A Texas Hold ‘Em No Limit Tourney was played starting at 9 pm EST on the PokerStars online site. Each season of the Twitter Poker Tour consists of twelve events and the play alternates between the PokerStars site and the FullTiltPoker site.

The turnout for the event was a total of 29 players and as usual, we do see some new players but tonight was a little different. Some of these players had stars on thier avatars that indicated they were frequent players and had risen high in the ranks of the VIP reward system. More information about that can be found here.

What was different about these new players was their attitude, their trash talk and the way they played the game. Some of them acted as though this was the first time they had played in a tourney and did not know exactly what to do. But that was just part of their act and they just splashed around to see what kind of action they could cause. We even had a few observers that were begging us to give them money so that they could play in a tourney and repay us with a bonus once they won. I think there were three different requesters last night.

While the #TPT is a private event, all persons are welcome. We hope that they are on Twitter and that they want to play some serious poker. We regular members are very serious about our play but we do like to have a good time. Last night was made a little difficult due to the wild play of the “new”, “unskilled” invaders.  The really wild ones busted out early due to thier own actions. A few new faces were seen at the final table. But it was a regular TPT’er that won the first place. Congratulations go out to @micmac51.

The top five finishers are as follows:

1: mcmac5150 (Mt Pleasant)
2: MrSoprano111 (South Bound Brook)
3: Tradey Jones (Lawndale)
4: DrGoodBeat (South Boston)
5: sionweeks (New Tredegar)

Do you ever play in tourneys with new groups of people? How are you treated? How do you interact with the others? Do you trash talk or do you wait until you know them better?

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