Tourneys and Cash Games – Mixed results

Andy Bloch continues his march.
Image by waldo483 via Flickr

Since playing in the #TPT last Thursday night, I have played in three small tourneys, placing third in one, losing in the second one and breaking even in the third one. I think I am going to be more selective about the tourneys that I play in. I certainly will continue to play the #TPTE and on occasion, the #TPT as well as some of the Friday #miniTPT’s.

I have slowly made some gains in my Limit Hold ‘Em cash games, taking back more cash then I started with in the last three sessions I have played in. The last session was in the .50/1.00 levels, where I intend to stay at until the end of June, which is fast approaching. My goal is to work up to the $2/4 and perhaps the $3/6 levels by the end of July or August. In order to do this, I will be reading my new books and watching videos to get pointers about playing at these levels profitably.

Do you have goals for your poker playing? Are there separate goals for cash games versus tourneys? How do you go about organizing your poker career?

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