Reading the "Poker Essays" and thinking a little really does help

Rise Above, Once More
Image by Spencer Finnley via Flickr

As I mentioned in the last few posts, I have been stuck of late, playing poker online. Overall, I am still in the red, but, thanks to the essays of Mason Malmuth, I am starting to overcome some of my numerous shortcomings. The books I am reading are titled: Poker Essays, Poker Essays, Volume II, and Poker Essays, Volume III.

Malmuth has a lot to say about various parts of the game and since there is so much to poker if played right, you need to review each phase of your game.

One of the problems that I was having was leaving a session with less than I started with. I know it is too easy to say that you always should leave the table a winner. That might be the goal of everyone else at the table as well. But in my case, I was playing too many hands. I would win with the good hands and then give back the winnings with the marginal hands.

Just being careful about hand selection has helped both my cash game and my tourney play. Yesterday afternoon, I captured my fourth 1st place finish of the Twitter Poker Tour’s European event played at 7pm BST (2 pm EST) hosted by the Twitter Poker Tour played on PokerStars. While many of the hands were not great, they ended up winning me all of the chips.

I still have a lot of work left to improve in my game including game selection, site selection, and many ideas from the essays to incorporate. This is a start in the right direction.

How do you work to improve your game? Do you think about each move you make before you do it? Does even thinking about folding or calling or raising help? How do  you grow as a player?

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