Adapting at Limit Hold 'Em Poker

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I have completed two long cash sessions at Pokerhost playing Limit Hold ‘Em at the .25/.50 levels. My first two hour session was a disaster in that I could not make any hands hold up. My second session was altogether different. In fact, I made up for the losses in the first session. So, overall, I was net zero for the day in cash results.

But I gained more experience as I tired to put into practice ideas and concepts about how to play poker correctly.  These concepts come from the “Poker Essays” of Mason Malmuth: Poker Essays, Poker Essays, Volume II, and Poker Essays, Volume III.

If I am to survive and prosper at this game called poker, I need to adapt my playing skills based on the opponents that I play, the cards that I select to play. I need to have a plan based on each hand dealt. My play needs to deal with how to play the players both pre-flop and post flop. I also need to improve my card reading skills in order to determine what my opponents have. In fact there are over 5 skills that need improvement and each skill used can vary based on the circumstances. While these books are terrific, they are not a boiler plate. This is not ABC poker, but limit hold ’em, which has been described as the toughest form of hold ’em to master and to be successful at playing.

What form of poker do you play? Are you able to adjust quickly to your opponents style of play? Are you successful at it?

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