Signs that tell you that your hand might not win

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I play limit hold ’em cash games at various sites online and on occasion I get what I think is a good hand only to find it is not the best hand. Yesterday for example I was dealt a pair of pocket sixes in the big blind. There were three opponents that called and the flop was 6 Q 9, giving me three sixes and possibly the best hand. I bet, one folded and one opponent raised, I re-raised and we kept this up until there were four more small bets in the pot. At this point, I was beginning to think that perhaps my opponent had a pocket pair such as Aces or Kings. I did not believe that he had a pair of Queens as he would have raised me pre-flop.

The turn card was a nine giving me a full house, sixes full of nines. I could not believe my luck. Again a round of betting took place and did not stop until four large bets went into the pot. Now, I was getting a little concerned as the pot was growing larger and he was not folding. Did I misread his hand and he had pocket Queens to my pocket Sixes? Had I already lost? What kind of hand did he hold if not QQ? There was already too much in the pot for me to fold now. The river card was a nine turning my hand into a full house of nines over sizes, reducing its value. I checked, he raised, I called and my opponent turned over an Ace Queen, giving him a full house of nines over Queens beating my nines over sixes.

I had not misread his hand. I think he had misread mine and did not realize that he had the worse hand after the flop and after the turn. I am not sure why he continued to call with just top pair, Ace kicker after the flop and with two pair after the turn considering the amount of betting that took place. I suppose that there was too much in the pot for him not to see it to the river. I think that this is sometimes why limit hold ’em is also referred to as “no fold ’em hold ’em”. Some players will never fold, hoping that their hand is the best hand regardless of what the evidence might tell. Of course at the end, I ended up being that player that could not fold because I also hoped that my hand was the best one.At that point, there was too much in the pot to just fold.

Have you ever played a hand that you knew was good pre-flop, great after the flop, terrific after the turn but then faded away at the river? If you were playing “no limit” instead of limit could a pot size bet have won the pot at the flop or would you have lost your entire stack with someone who would not fold?

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