Thoughts on finding an online pokersite to play.

When the online poker gods smile
Image by Ryan Harvey via Flickr

When I look online to find a poker site to play on, I have found at least eight that allow US players. These are the ones that I have signed up with over the last three years.


Each of these sites offer some of the basic games but only a few offer the most variety of poker being played currently. Perhaps I should also say that while many sites offer a large variety, due to the low number of players on some sites, not all of the games are available at all hours of the day. The same is true when you are looking to play at a certain cash level both in the ring games, tourneys and sit and go’s. The largest sites, with the most players, offer the most tournament choices and also have some of the best guaranteed payouts.  The smaller sites might offer you the best chance to win some of those payouts because too few players have registered, giving you better odds to win.

During the course of a 24 hour day, some of these sites have players at the tables that are better than you and some that are not as good. Finding a table with players you can beat is always a goal when you wish to grow a bankroll. I am currently alternating between three sites on a regular basis to find the best game for me to play.

Each site offers different options, both on the player interface and on their general menu. Many of the sites offer up to a dozen different ways to accept deposits and at least three different ways to payout the money back to you.

When choosing a site, what do you look for? What options make a site attractive for you to play on? What sites do you win best on?

Notes: Just this morning I updated DoylesRoom and found that they are on the same server as PokerHost. If I chose DoylesRoom I had to log out of PokerHost. The active table and player counts were very similar and the interfaces ware also very similar. In fact, the players at a particular table had the same name on both sites. I guess there is consolidation going on in the poker world.

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