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Recently I played 9 Sit n Go’s in one day. I played four in a row and then five in a row. Overall, I had cashed in six of the nine, winning once in first place, four times in second place and once in third place.

I played each set without a break in between to do something different. Did playing so many games in a row affect my ability to play? I am not sure how to tell.

Sometimes I will play a cash game session that will last a couple of hours before I stop or the game breaks up. Am I playing optimally throughout the whole session? Are my results an indication of how well I am playing or concentrating on the game?

When playing online during Sit n Go’s, I will sometimes read my tweets from my cell phone while playing and setting out a hand. By doing so, am I missing some important play that could help me win the game? When I play a multi-table event such as the #TPT, on the Twitter Poker Tour, I will barely even chat because I want to see what everyone is doing at my table even when I am not in a hand. I try to follow the chat because I don’t want to be rude but this is a really tough group of players and one misstep can be disastrous.

So if I gave my Sit n Go games the same attention I gave my #TPT tourneys, would I have done better? More first place wins, more overall wins? Not sure but I will certainly give it a try.

When playing online, do you multitask? Or do you just concentrate on the game at hand?


Thanks go to Diane, my wife, for this post’s theme. It was the results of observations she made while watching me play online.

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