Thursday adventures ….

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It will be interesting to see how today goes. There are two events scheduled today, sponsored by the Twitter Poker Tour, a 7 PM GMT
(2 PM ET) event, Twitter Poker Tour – Europe ID #101212319, and a 9 PM ET event, Twitter Poker Tour ID #101262104. Both of these events will be played on FullTiltPoker.

In past seasons, I have done well at these events and I am looking forward to a successful finish in at least one of these events today.

Of late I have been playing mostly cash games of Limit Hold ‘Em, which involves a slightly different playing strategy than No Limit Hold ‘Em. Having played so many Limit cash games, yesterday I tried playing four Sit N Go’s of No Limit and had absolutely no success. Not even one cash out. The closest was a fourth place finish. I even finished last in a Limit Sit N Go game. These weren’t exactly the type of results I was looking for.

I have decided to not play any more practice games prior to these events. I might play in a tourney either before or after but not any Sit N Go’s today.

How to you prepare yourself to play? Do you warm up at other games? Do you go for a walk or a jog? Lift weights? What gets you ready to play a tourney you want to win?

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