A good weekend online

Bad Beat on Cancer Pin
Image by larrykang via Flickr

There was a lot of poker this weekend and I was pleased with the results overall. I played in eight tourneys and Sit and Go’s and cashed in five of them. The only cash game I played in was a disaster for me. I played exactly the opposite of how I should have. Loss of focus and money.

Perhaps the most interesting of the events was the Twitter Poker Tour – Bad Beat on Cancer charity poker event that was held on FullTiltPoker Sunday at 6pm.  There were 103 entrants to the event.  I  was involved in 70 hands before finishing in 65th place. While I did not finish as well I would have liked I found it a learning experience.

On my drawing hands I was made to feel very uncomfortable by a player who always raised about six times the value of the big blind. Once when this happened I had a hand that I was comfortable in re-raising with and I did and he folded. But most of the time I was forced to fold my drawing hands that I did not feel were strong enough. It was definitely annoying having to deal with an opponent like that. And that is what I took away from the tournament. I need to adapt my style to combat that type of opponent if I want to succeed as a tournament player. He finished in 10th place so it worked for him. At one point, with twelve remaining, he was the chip leader, so maybe it did not work that well?

Do you learn and grow from your experiences? Do you take something from both your losses and your wins?  Would you have dome some things differently if you had the chance?

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