All good things must come to an end …

Looking bleak
Image by Jim B L via Flickr

Lately most of my cash game play has been done at Limit Hold ‘Em games on where I have been running well, meaning that I have been winning by the time I leave the table.

Last night I had about an hour left in the day for poker so I thought – why not try out AbsoultePoker again. I have been playing better of late, perhaps I can survive and make a profit playing at their .50/1.00 Limit Hold ‘Em Bad Beat Tables.

My initial buy in was for $10 and I proceeded to lose all of that in just the first 45 minutes of play. My pocket Aces which turned into a set of three Aces after the flop  were flushed down the drain when someone made a flush on the river holding a 7 2 of diamonds. That’s right – a 7 2 right to the river against my raising and re-raising. They were hoping for a one in five chance of making a flush and they did so. In fact, I was flushed out of my starting stack of $10 at least four different times during that session. All of the flushes occurred at the river.

I sat out a few hands before rebuying in for another $10. I managed to lose most of that as well, but at least it was not to flushes so much as it was to better hands. My pocket eights lost to pocket nines.  My AK pre-flop would not hold up. I went down to as low as $2.10 before getting back up to $5.80. I decided that I had enough poker for the night. I left the game losing $14 over all. Still ahead for the week, but learned a painful lesson that I don’t do well or am not wild enough to play at the “bad beat tables” at Absolute.

Do you have sites or table types where no matter what hands you have you just seem to lose to hands that probably should have folded pre-flop or post flop?  Does it seem that the wild ones are winning more than their share of hands? Do you avoid playing those sites or do you continue to play, knowing that eventually your proper play will win out?

Note: It was pointed out to me by@cprpoker that the image I used for the post was from my twitter poker friend @72suited‘s blog. For the record, I was an add-in called “Zemata” which does an automatic search for images based on the content of my blog or a dedicated search term and the contents of my blog. This was a fun coincidence.

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