Card dead at the #TPT last night

Poker Cards
Image by Daniel Gasienica via Flickr

Last night I played on the Twitter Poker Tour event held on the FullTiltPoker site. The game started at 9pm ET and there were 25 players  on three tables.

Overall my play was not too bad but I finished in 16th place out of 25 players. My biggest problem was the lack of quality hands. I was dealt 120 hands and had only three pocket pairs all evening. A pair of sixes once and a pair of fives twice. That was it. No other pocket pairs. No #fleapowder (pocket Queens named as such by @CoolWhipFlea because he almost always looses with that hand) , no AK’s known also as “big slick”.  I got the usual AQ, AT, AJ, Ace little which is any Ace with a card smaller than a ten.

For the most part I won small pots and lost large pots when I tried to use less than good hands to try to win with. Overall, I lasted one hour twenty one minutes and who knows how many seconds. I gave most of my chips away to either “Street 3” or the “GoofyRooster” and they finished ninth and third respectively using MY CHIPS. LOL.

That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Have you ever played in a tourney or game where you just were not getting any reasonable cards to play? Did it seem that no matter what you had, your opponent always had a slightly better hand? When you finally left the table after busting out, were you able to shake off the feeling the loss gave to you?

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