Poker thoughts made while in a rut…

One of this days....I'll fly away!!
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Last week was not a good week for playing poker, either in the cash games or at the #TPT tourneys. In fact, even a “home” Sit N Go played in the Boston area was a bust for me. Hopefully this does not entirely sound like “whaaa whaaa whaaa”.  When I play poker, I like to have an expectation of winning and when I don’t, I try to analyze why I am losing and see if I can correct it.

Right now I am starting to run out of ideas. I have read some of the best books available about the subject of poker; all the do’s and don’ts, all the correct strategies, all the ways to maximize your wins and minimize your losses. None of that information seems to be working at the moment.

There have been times in the last few months where everything started working for me. I would play almost any hand dealt brilliantly and would extract a win out of a losing situation. This was true of both small MTT’s (multi-table tourneys),  Sit N Go’s, and Limit Cash games online. But of late, nothing I do is effective. In fact, my biggest problem now is that I no longer have a style of play. I have been playing either very tight or very loose or somewhere in between.

I am still struggling with finding out what game I should play? How I should play it? At what level should I play it? And what style of player I should be? This is a case of finding myself and knowing myself.

Do you ever have times in your poker career where things are not clicking and you are not clicking? How do you work yourself out of that rut? What actions do you take to change things around?

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4 thoughts on “Poker thoughts made while in a rut…

  1. Right now I am in the worst downswing I've ever had. At first, I decided, “just play it out” but after days and days of being coolered and losing to 67o when he shoves all in preflop and I have AK, or I have JT on JT5 board and poorly played “slowplayed” pocket kings shoves all in and then hits his K on the turn… etc, I think I need to take a break.I read a thread awhile ago that a downswing can cause you to enter the session expecting to lose, and can cause you to make both spewy and nitty weak plays in spots where if you had a better mentality and weren't tilted you would do better.So personally, I think I'm going to take a week off. :). Maybe try dropping down a couple of limits to boost your confidence? Take a break and analyze your game? That's what I need to do :(. btw! You don't have to join, just sort of look around at some of the low stakes hand threads and see the advice given by users. It's good to be in a poker community where some of the most successful internet players post on and have a generally friendly attitude towards low stakes players. Many of the people who post on LP started at low stakes and are willing to give their opinion/help out. Lex “Raszi” Veldhuis posts on the site and if you havent seen the featured day 1 table of the WSOP2009 main event then you haven't seen him killing the table :DPoint is, think about your game, listen to what people are saying. Maybe move down stakes or take a short break

  2. I feel and share your pain. We are going through a very similar state of affairs. Even without trying I too am taking some time off from poker. I am involving myself in more of our family business and other non-poker enterprises while I collect myself. I know that I am not a bad player but I am really getting down on myself for my lack of winning plays.Even the three flushers are making it to the river and busted aces, top pair, two pairs or sets by the time they hit the river. If I chase a flush with a nine, they have the ten, or a ten and they have the jack. Whatever. So time off sounds good to me as well. I might just go play live instead. While it might be no different at least there will be a person that I see doing this and instead of me guessing it might just be the online site that does not like me. Lol.

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