Poker Hand Nicknames

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In the world of poker, certain card combinations have been given names as the result of common usage or the personalities involved with the hand. There are even some superstitions that follow the hands in some cases. Perhaps the oldest is named the “Dead Man’s hand”, which was a pair of aces and eights dealt to Wyatt Earp just before his death. He was shot by his opponent who thought that Wyatt had cheated him. More recently Doyle Brunson has had a hand named after him, the ace queen was called a “Doyle Brunson” right up to the W.S.O.P. of 1976, when the name became associated with a ten deuce combination that won him the W.S.O.P championship which he repeated the next year winning it all again with the same hand, a ten deuce. Other hands that have names are ace king aka “Big Slick”, a pair of jacks are known as “Fish Hooks”, and the name “ducks” refer to a pair of twos or deuces.

As the result of playing in the “Twitter Poker Tour”, we have come up with a new name for a pair of queens. According to most poker circles a pair of queens are referred to as “Ladies” But for players of the TPT (Twitter Poker Tour” they were originally called “fleapids” in honor of Paul Ellis’s twitter name, “@fleapid” (this was later changed to @CoolWhipFlea). He would get pocket queens and would eventually go all-in with that hand only to lose. In fact it seemed that he would lose almost 99% of the time whenever he got a pair of pocket queens. He eventually changed the name from “fleapids” to “#fleapowder”. Now, whenever we see that hand being played almost all of us will type on the chat window “#fleapowder” if that hand loses. We might even say that we folded #fleapowder and most of the group will know just what we are talking about.

Do you have names for your special card combinations? Are you superstitious about getting certain combinations of cards? Are you even superstitious at all?

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