Down … but not out …

3/365 Blah
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My current spell of quietness is not the result of nothing to say or talk about, but, rather I am under the weather.

I usually like to blog, mostly about poker, five days a week, every week, when possible.

I have not yet got to the point in my blogging and poker career where I have a backlog of unposted articles ready to go in the event I am not up to writing.

But as I sit here reading other blogs and catching up on my tweets of people that I follow, I thought a word of explanation would be in order as to my absence yesterday and my lateness of posting today.

At this time in my life, I don’t need a note from my mother explaining why my homework was not done. Although it might be nice to be in a time where life was a little simpler?

What do you do when you are “under the weather”? Do you write anyway? Do you have a large stored section of pre-written material just for times like these?

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4 thoughts on “Down … but not out …

  1. Oh boy! It seems serious. Since I'm not you, the answer is simple to me (If you don't have the mood to write just dont do that), but I know I'm not you, and I know it isnt easy. By the way, I can talk about what I think about your writings and my (short) experiences. I'm supposed to have a low-medium OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) so I focus in something I want or something I'm suppose to do (work, hobbies, vices…) eargerly and if its unsuccesful, with desperation. (I really need to have all under “my control” mostly)I found it always have an end, even for obsessives, when we have to cover someones (or our) expectation… (or we really think there's expectation when there really isnt). An awful end in wich you finally don't care the thing anymore because the stress make it worthless for you. Don't let it happen with your blog… We're “not paying” you for a diary suscription to your thoughts, when it becomes an free-obligation, it also becomes a timewaster… Take a rest if you need it until you have something you really want to share. What you do is really impressive to me: I mean I never owned a blog nor even a diary. I got sick about forums with a lot of users cause if you log once a day you have to read a whole 20 pages thread to understand what's going on. (because I didnt want to become obsessive with, and already I had been LOL!)So I admire people like you wich come with something interesting every time they write… but I don't want you to have to write something. When I come, I see if there something new and if not I exit… or comment something already posted. After this ramdomly nosense writings there's always a….Conclusion: Don't be so worry about readers… we will come anyways… keep it alive but don't be doomed about it (otoh, pre-written material sucks!! its like fooling people :P).Wishes! ImanothP.S.: Talking about if we should talk when we dont have nothing to talk about is pretty redundant and silly isnt it? >.< (Eekks, while I re-read what I wrote, I think I'm constant: Constant in ramdom write paragraphs >.< Hope you understand ^^ )

    • I was able to talk about nothing although it was somethings and I did not feel any real pressure. So I liked what you said as well. We are on similar wave lengths even if we are miles or kilometers apart. Thanks for your comments and your understainding.

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