Woe is me

058/365: H is for Having a bad day and Hiding ...
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I have been stuck of late and this week I was not feeling up to par. But still, I was looking forward to playing on Full Tilt Poker at the Twitter Poker Tour. Both events are No Limit Hold ‘Em and the entry fee is 5.00 + 1.00. We each get 3,000 chips as it is a double stacked tourney.

While playing reasonably tight at the TPTE, I busted out of the first tourney in forth place, at the bubble. There were only six players in that event. I guess that I was not tight enough.

The second event started at 9pm ET. Again, my goal was to play tight and finish in the money. Once more that somehow translated into 28th place out of 34 entrants.

Sometimes, I guess that planning and executing that plan does not always work out.

I thought that I was focused but somewhere  along the line I made bad decisions or bad things happened to me. I do remember putting in almost all of my chips, thinking my opponent could not beat my pair of jacks. I did not see the possible flush on the board. He hit his flush, King high. Oops.

I guess that even though I was feeling better, I really wasn’t up to playing at my best.

How do you know that you are up to playing in a game or a tourney? Can you tell if you are at full strength and are fully alert? Or do you give yourself more time off to get better?

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