An evening at Seabrook's Poker Room-

Poker night - Who's gonna win?
Image by Philofoto via Flickr

Last evening, I spent over 4 hours playing $2/4 limit at the poker room at the Seabrook Greyhound racing track. They no longer race dogs, but have Poker with the rake going to charities in NH. There are tourneys, Sit N Go;s and and cash games with Limit Hold ‘Em, Stud and Omaha 8 Limit available to cash game players.

While I tried to play tight and nitty, I was unable to gain any ground and lost my original buy in just under two hours. I ponied up another $60 and played for two more hours, leaving with the second buy in almost intact, $59.

I had fun playing, but of course it is not fun to lose. Hopefully, what I learned about my play and that of my opponents will translate into a winning session next time. It took me a couple of hours to find out that the gentleman to my right would raise all drawing hands that he played, pre-flop, flop, turn and river. It turned out he would bet even if he did not hit his hand. If he was called after his river bet he would muck his hand and say “you got me”.  I probably gave him $30 over the course of the evening before I caught on to what he was doing. By that time, he picked up his chips and left. Hopefully, I will see him again – and if he plays the same way, I will have a better idea of what to do about his actions.

Do you prefer face to face games as opposed to online ones? Do you find it easier to put them on a hand in person? What is your preference?

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